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Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching Akash Pathania

Akash Pathania

Course Duration : 6 Weeks

Course : NDA

STATE/ CITY : Himachal Pradesh

♦ It is a secure Place. Security is there to help us. The Minerva Academy is giving us many much more than we require. The Academy giving us the best facilities are the best, every sport is provided here. Overall in simple wards this is the best Academy for Defence.

Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching Sanjay Bishnoi

Sanjay Bishnoi

Course Duration : 42 Days

Course : NDA

STATE/ CITY : Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

Date: 23/04/2015

♦ This is not specific that I love something in Minerva Academy. I love Minerva Academy. Discipline, Staff, Facilities, Faculties and Environment here is highly suitable for studies. All the privileges given here also motivates us to study. All the movies, motivational lectures and visits of qualified (NDA) Persons also helped us to concentrate on our goals.

♦ Coaching here is one of the top class as well as the faculties. The way of teaching was brilliant over here.

Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching Pastagia Uday

Adneip Singh    

Course: NDA                     

Duration: 4 weeks


State/City: Chandigarh

♦ Maths sir is one of the best teachers I have ever studied under. His concepts are excellent. Humanities sir is very good hearted person. His way making the students learn is excellent. One of the best teachers that I will remember.

Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching Karan Kumar

Karan Kumar                                               

Course : NDA                              

Duration 4 weeks

E-mail :

State/City : Haryana, Hisar

♦ The best thing which I like the most in Minerva Academy are the facilities of Maths, English, GS and Physics as well as the admin staff. In short, I can’t express my loved affection in words for this academy.

♦ I can say that this is the best institute for written as well as SSB. The way of learning here is quite different from other institutes. Because other institutes tell us to cram the things but this academy clears the concept of single-2 things.

Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching NIKHIL DEORA


Course: NDA

Duration: 6 weeks


State/City: Udaipur, Rajasthan

♦ Its environment, educat, extra – curricular activities, the academy provides all round development & qualities into students, which is a very useful thing for students aspiring to join defence.

♦ It feels great, the bonding between teachers & students is excellent. I never feel like I was away from  the house we were a happy family here. I learned a lot here, along with studies I inculcated many good & important aspects of life which I will remember forever. Thank you.

♦ It’s the best you will get food, playground, classrooms, etc. are all excellent.

Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching Tarun Sihag


Course: NDA

Duration: 6 weeks


State/City: Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan

♦ When I came here and now I am a totally different person with a lot of confidence and sure about the selection in NDA.

♦ Hostel, Mess & Classrooms etc. very clean. One of the best things about Minerva is its environment and surroundings.

♦ Yes, I am confident about my NDA exam. Minerva is perfect choice for it.

Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching JOBIN D. PARIKH


Course: NDA

Duration: 4 weeks

♦ Coaching at Minerva academy was really good. All teachers were prefect in their subject & taught well. Books given were also perfect to the syllabus, so can be read & no much detail. I learn more basic or fundamentals of each & every subject.

Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching PRALHAV SAMBYAL


Course: NDA

Duration: 4 weeks


State/City: Dharamshala, H.P

♦ I would recommend Minerva academy for aspiring candidates as it provides exhaustive preparation of the exam and even builds up your overall personality here.

Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching GAURAV THAKUR


Course: NDA

Duration: 8 weeks

State/City: Himachal Pradesh

♦ The infrastructure of the academy is very good. I had never seen any academy with all facilities like excellent playground, mess classroom and environment.

Student Feedback NDA Written Exam Coaching CHETAN SINGH


Course: NDA

Duration: 8 weeks

State/City: Rajasthan

♦ Honestly the academy is best in the world. And I am very happy that I got this opportunity that I read in this academy.


Why Minerva Academy?


• Established in 1955 by Lt. Col Deol, Minerva Academy is the Premier, the Oldest and the Best Academy for SSB Interviews with over 60 years of experience.

• Minerva has an unbeatable track record, with over 35000 officers trained to success, and over 1000 top positions in the Indian Armed forces.

• Every fourth officer in the Indian Armed forces has been a student of Minerva Academy.

• The Minerva Academy campus provides unmatched infrastructure, spread over 10 acres in lush green, pollution free, SSB like environment with on campus hostel and mess.

• The highly qualified and experienced faculty at Minerva adopts a practical, systematic and fun filled approach towards SSB training.

• Minerva guarantees 10 days, 100 hrs of coaching for SSB Interviews / over 300 hours in 6 weeks for written exam coaching unlike other institutes.

• Location is easily accessible and well connected by Rail, Road and by Air.

• Former Chief of The Indian Army, General JJ Singh / Former Deputy Chief LT General GD Singh has been a student of Minerva academy.

• PVC - Captain Vikram Batra (Kargil Hero) & PVC - Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon (IAF's First and Only PVC awardee) were also proud Minervans.

• The First Indian to climb Mount Everest Cap. A. S. Cheema (Padma Shri Award, Arjuna Award, SM VSM) was also one of the famous alumni.

• Only Minerva Academy offers a fully equipped Football ground, Basketball court, dedicated Obstacle course and vast open grounds to encourage fitness among candidates as endurance and stamina are a pre-requisite for a success at the SSB.

Contact Us


 Lt. Col. Deol’s MINERVA ACADEMY (ESTD.1955) NH 21, V.P.O. Daon. Distt. Mohali, Punjab Pincode -140301
(10 km from CHANDIGARH Bus Stand, Sector 17)

Call Us: +91- 8054197300

Phones: 0172-2277063, 2278273



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